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Fire Photo Shoot

Want more matches on the dating apps?

Fire Photo Shoot will transform your selfies into stunning photos with various styles for better dates. Picture yourself in outfits and settings like suits, streets, nature, and more.

Start with $29.99

Money back guarantee

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50 000+

Generated photos


Customer satisfaction

10 000 000+

Possible style variations

Our process

How it works

Get Perfect Tinder photos, Bumble photos, Hinge photos or any other dating app in 3 easy steps.

Upload your selfies

Login to upload your selfies,
after you make a purchase your account is automaticallty created

Wait for ~1-4H

It takes the AI up to ~1-4H to generate your photoshoot.

Download your photos

You will receive an email with a link to download your photoshoot.

Why choose us?

Get a stunning profile and finally attract the matches you deserve

Start with $29.99

Money back guarantee

Get perfect dating app photos for Tinder, bumble, Hinge, Ok-cupid etc.

You are trying to attract women and we know what women are attracted too, let us help you get the matched you deserve!

Why should you try it?

Imagine that you had a personal wing girl, coaching, dressing and helping you create the perfect photos for Tinder. Do you think your matches would increase? This is what we do but instead of having a real life photoshoot we use a very advanced AI to recreate the whole thing virtually

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If you hired a professional Tinder photographer for your dating profile, would you get more matches?

100% yes, but it would cost $500+ for a professional photographer to take your photos. And if you do not live in a big city, you might not even have one available. That's why we are here; Fire Photoshoot and our AI Tinder photoshoot is all you need to attract more matches on the dating apps!

Words from our users with AI Enhanced Dating profiles

Guys who converted to AI tinder profile
Stefan Hill

Stefan Hill

Software engineer

I could not afford a professional tinder photographer, you saved me!

Tommy Griffith

Tommy Griffith

Insurance sales

Amazing, my matches have gone from 1 a week to 3-4 a day!!

Mike Lorenz

Mike Lorenz

Gym owner

This has literally changed my dating life forever

29$Sale 9.99$for 100 photos

Increase your matches❤️ or money back

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