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Good Bio vs Bad Bio: A 7-Day Tinder Experiment

Embarking on a journey through the digital dating landscape, we conducted a week-long experiment on Tinder, pitting a 'good bio' against a 'bad bio'. This article reveals our fascinating insights as we evaluate their respective performance and discern the importance of a well-crafted bio in online dating.

The Experiment Setup

To find out which type of bio works better on Tinder, we created two new accounts in New York. Both profiles featured the same guy, with identical details such as age and height, and the same profile pictures. The only difference was the bio. For the 'bad bio', we wrote: 'Just ask. Like having fun. Adventures are cool.' This bio is vague and cliched, offering little information about the person. For the 'good bio', we crafted: 'An avid reader with a love for 80s rock. I’m a software developer by day, amateur chef by night. Always down for a good debate.' This bio provides a glimpse into the person's personality, interests, and sense of humor. With these two distinct bios, we set out to see which one would attract the most attention.

Good Bio vs Bad Bio

Our Findings: The Final Verdict

After analyzing the results, it was clear that the profile with the 'good bio' attracted significantly more interest than the one with the 'bad bio'. This indicates that crafting a compelling, authentic bio can greatly enhance your success on Tinder.