AI Tinder photos and virtual photoshoot for dating apps

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AI vs. Selfies: A Comparative Tinder Experiment

Venturing into the realm of online dating, we put AI-Generated photos and Selfies head-to-head in a Tinder experiment in 2023. This post delves into our intriguing findings, as we measure their success rates and unravel which type of photo has the upper hand in the digital dating arena.

How We Gathered Our Information

To find out which photos work better on Tinder, we made two new accounts in New York. Both profiles had the same guy, with the same details like age and height. They even had the same bio. The only difference was the pictures. One profile had 5 selfies, while the other had 2 AI-Generated photos and 3 selfies. This way, we could see which type of photos got the most attention.

Ai-Generated photos VS Selfies for Tinder

Our Findings: The Final Verdict

After analyzing all the information, it was clear that the AI-generated photos did much better than the selfies. In fact, they got three times more attention. So, it seems that AI-generated photos are the way to go if you want to get noticed on Tinder.